Alice In Bollyland..

This Bollywood version is called called Paheliyan, The story of Alice. This was advertised on the morning news program that I watch while getting ready for work today. So just out of curiosity being a huge Bollywood fan, I decided to take myself over to the Ford Amphitheater and check it out. Paheliyan are riddles that never lose their magic according to the Hindi language. If you want to find more info in regards to Official (my response look into the web-site. I must say the dancers of the Blue13 Dance Company did a great job in interpreting this story. Alice in Wonderland has not lost it magic for those who read it, and the turn out was very broad. The age range was from 8 years old to late 50s as far as I could see.
The story of Alice is told through music and dance, complete with your standard Bollywood music and Bollywood dance numbers. White Rabbit is replaced by Brown Bunny, though Alice is played by a blond Caucasian. The cast is a mix of Indians and Caucasians who were all quite good. The performance started off with a few bumps, and I do literally mean it. It was their first night, and for some their first performance, so I’ll chalk it up to nerves.I know I couldn’t do it. Scenes included a Hindi wedding ceremony, a ride to the Ganges, the infamous cards, Tweedledee and Tweedledum (those two words were in the spellchecker), and the Chesire cat, and a hula-hoop girl huling with a hoop of fire.
So if you don’t have anything planned for Saturday evening, check it out. If you are student you can check it out for $5 with current I.D.
And try not to fall down any holes on your way there.

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