An Afternoon At the A Frame

There was perfect weather and absolute joy to be found at the celebrated venue, “Jazz at the A Frame” in the Hollywood Hills of Los Angeles, CA. on Sunday, May 26, 2012.

The Kenny Tres Posh Trio captivated the audience with a set of Standards, Swing, Straight Ahead, Be-Bop, tinge of Latin, and more. The kind of music which evokes a basking in a pleasure that captures your heart and soul.

Legendary Drummer Kenny Dennis began the first set with a grooving rendition of “Invitation” that included a nice trade of 4’s between Kenny and Llew then Kenny and Hamilton followed by “a little drink” with the song “One Mint Julep”. It was not too sweet yet alluring with Kenny’s acute accenting and phrasing.

He beautifully painted a picture of endearment with Llew on Neal Hefti’s “Li’l Darlin” while a silky and enveloping communication filled the air.

Oliver Nelson’s “Stolen Moments” only added to the glorious atmosphere with an undercurrent pulsation that was delicate and deliberately striking. Hamilton’s solo subtly guided us into a deeper melodic haven ever so moving, enchanting Wisconsin–Madison and tender. Llew added his mesmerizing voice on Piano by “going hardcore” as Kenny put it with an astounding solo that touched on a boppish sequence. Oh Yes…”Hardcore” is right!

The union between Kenny, Llew and Hamilton was a musical marriage made in heaven and it was supreme.

Kenny enticed with George David Weiss and Joe Sherman’s “That Sunday, That Summer” as a gorgeous tribute to our gorgeous Hostess and Founder of the beloved “Jazz At the A Frame” – Betty Hoover.

Llew treated the ardent melody with such a connection and fulfillment. The air was filled with “that Sunday” with tender; authentic love by Kenny’s rendition. Kenny’s brushwork spoke volumes in a masterful and alluring way.

Thelonious Monk’s “Blue Monk” was Bluesy and lingering while the affecting trio brought it down home in a language universal to all Jazz speakers in the A Frame House that Betty built. Audience members smiled knowingly with each tune shared that Kenny and the trio handpicked especially for the momentous day which celebrated Mr. Dennis’ Birthday. By the way, it’s the big “28”.

Kenny then us on a journey with one of the coolest tune’s ever, Dizzy Gillespie’ “A Night in Tunisia” with a succession that was supremely percussive, persuasive, and progressive. His “interlude” was glorious. Let the church say Amen…again and again.

Bruno Martino’s beautiful “Estate” filled the room with warmth along with a compelling and brilliant rendition of Johnny Mercer and Hoagy Carmichael’s enchanting “Skylark” featuring Hamilton on Bass. We were all won over with Hamilton’s epistle of love singing sweetly through bow and strings.

The textures were akin to the finest wine on a perfect spring day.

We were graced that wonderful afternoon with the musical gifts of the extraordinary Vocalist, Ernie Andrews with a number of exceptional Blues and Jazz favorites. “Our love is here to stay”,”Something I Dreamed Last Night”, and Special request for Ms. Hoover – “I’m Just a Lucky So and So”. Performed with an infectious charm that is characteristic of the the renowned vocalist.

I would like to make a more than worthy mention of a distinguished Artist and Musician in the audience that afternoon, Ms. Nancy Wilson. No words can ever articulate her exceptional gift to community and on a global level to humanity.

We were also graced with the extraordinary Artist & Dancer, Ms. Frances Davis, former wife of the late Miles Davis.

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