An Iron Hand In A Velvet Glove

As I start this article the evening sky is becoming a battlefield. Swollen and sullen, the storm clouds jostle for position, occasionally tossing a few salvos. In the premature twilight, window rattling thunderclaps remind me just who is in charge. Mother Nature. All of this seems apropos here in Houston on the eve of the Democratic primaries in Texas. Much like Clinton and Obama, we are hoping for clearing skies come Wednesday.

E after e except for if you go to York universityI have never been much involved in Presidential elections, voting only one time in my fifty-three years. Horing ( This one has captured my attention, though, as it has the rest of the nation. Between Mrs. C and Barack O B there has been one heck of a skirmish going on. Every day a new challenge to the other’s integrity, abilities, and downright character stream across the media.

Tomorrow the clouds will part, as the storm clears, and light stream down in unbroken beams on someone’s dream. I hope that someone is Mrs. Clinton. I believe testosterone has ruled long enough. Let’s give estrogen a shot.

Don’t get me wrong, I think Mr. Obama is a fine candidate; indeed the one who appears destined for the Democratic nomination. However, being male myself,and speaking in generalities, I am fully aware of what happens when a man is confronted with a fight. It becomes personal with little chance of either side backing down or compromising ( Does Iraq ring a bell?). Fighting for that in which you believe is an admirable trait; unwillingness to find common ground is not. And trust me, there will be many,many fights for whomever ends up with the grand prize. In my experiences the women on this planet are more likely to find an equitable division in an issue. For those of you with brothers and sisters. think back to your childhood, wasn’t mom more likely to settle a dispute in a calm manner while dad was looking for his belt? (Again, speaking in generalities). This is one of many reasons I think Hillary should win the Democratic nomination.

So, much like Mother Nature who has done a fine job of running this planet despite our best efforts to stand in her way with pollution and global warming, let’s see if a woman can bring a new vision to solving old disagreements with both sides benefitting equally in the global theater.

Whether you agree with me or not, get out and vote. This will be a world changing election. That is unless McCain wins. In that case the world goes on as it was.


Heres a quick rundown for those looking to fresh install Windows 10 with an 7 or 8(.1) key.P.S. As I wrote the final line of this article, the Tv announcer just said that Hillary is willing to share the Whitehouse with Barack. What a ground breaking achievement that would be. It proves my point, Hillary’s willing to make everyone at least partially satisfied. Despite who wins, and depending on how well they do their jobs, they could flip-flop positions after eight years and all Democrats would be happy that their candidate won. That would be a world changing event we all could live with!

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