This week a young lady of 16 years, Abby Sunderland, set out on a journey to break the world record as the youngest skipper to circumnavigate the globe solo. Abby left Marina Del Rey, California to the roar of family, friends, supporters and sponsors. Now in her 4th day at sea, she tackles one of the toughest and longest challenges that humans attempt. Her goal is to complete the trip within 5 months. The current age record is held by a young British lad, Mike Perham, of 17 who set the record in the summer of 2009 and broke the record set by Abby’s brother, Zac, just a month before. At the time, he was just 2 months younger than Zac.

Abby is an experienced sailor having logged thousands of miles of coastal cruising under varying weather conditions which should prepare her for the turbulent southern seas. Raised around sailboats and spurred on by the successful transit of her brother Zac, she has the added ambitious goal of completing the voyage by April, 2010. Unlike her brother Zac who sailed 27,500 nautical miles over a 13 month period, Abby intends to complete the journey by April, 2010 or a little less than 5 months at sea. Her plan is to cover the trip without a single visit to land until she returns.

The boat that Abby pilots on her solo, nonstop global trip is made for tough conditions. The Australian built and designed Open 40 was launched in 2001 and is designed for single-handed sailing in the Southern Ocean. It is built for speed and safety which are critical for navigating the rough and stormy conditions Abby will experience in the Southern Ocean. It also has ample water supply and food storage which will be needed during the long and arduous trip without any visits to land. She will be able to communicate on shore through a satellite telephone.

Her adventure can be tracked through her web site ( and blog. As time permits, she will update her blog and share with her readers the feelings and observations as a person sails solo and pursues her dreams. She was able to avoid the storms rolling through California and is on her way to the Equator, a trip of about 2,000 miles that will take approximately 15 days depending on wind conditions. This part of the trip passes through a stretch of water known as the Doldrums and it will give her time to prepare for the tougher and long days ahead.

What motivates a person like Abby to undertake such a challenging and risky endeavor? According to her as posted on her web site – – the motivation was the pursuit of her dreams.

“I had begun to think that dreams are meant to be no more than dreams and that in reality dreams don’t come true. Then my brother (Zac) left on his trip. It was amazing to see all the support that he got from around the world and to see how everyone worked together to help make his dream reality. Emery (visit the following internet site) Watching him do this really made me believe that I could too.”

We will monitor and continue to report on Abby’s journey in the days ahead. We wish her a safe journey.

I was driving in this crazed city the other day and it was raining yet again.

“Oh, she’s crying,” I said

A woman was crossing the street, tears rolling down her cheeks. Her eyes were red and puffy and she wasn’t trying to hide the fact.

“Poor thing,” I thought. I hate to see people crying, especially kids and women.

“If she’s crying, it means she’s alive,” my passenger in the car said.

“What does that mean? I asked.

“Well, if you’re crying, it means you’re real.”

“But, I wonder why she’s crying?”

“Probably some guy dumped her.”

“Why do you assume that?”

“Cause guys suck.”

“How can you be so sure?” I inquired.

“Because I’ve been there and those tears are saying, some jerk just dumped me!”

“What if she lost her job or someone died?”

“That isn’t the type of crying she’s doing. That’s breakup crying.”

“How can you be so certain? You don’t have much faith in the male race do you?”

“We always know when another one from the clan got dumped. And she just got dumped.”

“Maybe she got eliminated from American Idol,” I said. “Or maybe she’s a Cleveland Cavaliers fan? Or she feels bad for Charlie Sheen? Or she was a big supporter of Qaddafi? In case you loved this informative article and you would like to receive more details relating to Wiktionary kindly visit the webpage. Who knows?”

“Maybe she’s clairvoyant and she overheard this conversation before we had it. That would make her cry.

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The tests on the future navigation and localization services continue. They are being conducted by Spaceopal, a joint-venture between Telespazio and the German Space Agency

The first two operational satellites of the Galileo constellation, launched on 21 October last year, passed further testing with flying colours, at Telespazio’s Space Centre in Fucino completing those carried out in Belgium at the European Space Agency (ESA) Centre.

Galileo is the satellite navigation system that will allow users to determine their exact position in time and space, just like GPS, but in a more precise and reliable manner. The tests carried out called for the reception and then validation of the functioning of encrypted signals that will make it possible to provide Galileo PRS services (Public Regulated Services) to government agencies, security organizations and Civil Protection agencies.

A worldwide network of ground stations, from New Caledonia to the Antarctic, continuously control the accuracy of the Galileo signals. The current In Orbit Validation (IOV) phase of the Galileo program, which will be completed with the launch of the next two satellites in September, continues with an intensive testing campaign to validate system performance and test future navigation and localization services.

The launch of the next satellites will be followed by the operational phase, that will lead to the completion of the system, for which the Control Centre in Fucino will manage the Galileo mission operations relative to the onboard generation and transmission of the navigation message, the subsequent supply of navigation services to end-users, the monitoring of service quality and the management of the land-based segment of the system.

The operations in Fucino are coordinated by Spaceopal, a joint-venture between Telespazio (Finmeccanica Group/Thales) and DLR-GfR, the German Space Agency.

Spaceopal is responsible for the building and management of the two space centres for the Galileo mission control. In particular in Fucino, in Abruzzo, there is the Galileo Control Centre (GCC) dedicated to the management of the mission and Galileo signal. And in Oberpfaffenhofen, Germany, near Munich, Spaceopal has built the GCC that will control the satellite Spotify constellation. However, both Centres will be able, in their final configuration, to manage both constellation control and mission operations.

The Centre in Fucino could be called the home of Galileo. It covers more than 5000 m² and when fully operational will have more than 100 technicians and specialized operators. It will manage the transmission of the navigation signal to the 30 Galileo satellites as well as guaranteeing the quality of the service offered to end-users. From the main control room, it will be possible to manage the orbit of all the constellation satellites and operate a network of roughly 40 ground stations.

The Centre will manage the generation, transmission and distribution of the navigation signal, guaranteeing its integrity, quality and precision. In case of system malfunction, the end-user will be able to receive information within a few seconds. Moreover, from here, the clocks on board the satellites will be constantly updated in accordance with the time of the entire Galileo system.

Starting in 2014, Galileo should begin providing the first three types of service at an initial level: an open and free service, a search and rescue service, and a public regulated service. Testing for the human safety service and commercial service will, instead, begin in 2014. They will be provided as soon as Galileo reaches full operating capacity.

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Chinese Statue God Of Medicine Acupuncture

Internet access provides a platform that is called digital marketing services to make your product a brand in front of thousands of visitors.

Digital marketing incorporates a wide array of services to help brand in viral a way, some of which are –

1.Search engine optimization

2.Social Media Optimization

3.Online Reputation Management

다이나믹듀오 (Dynamic Duo) - 쌔끈해 (feat_ ZionT) /듣기감상,가사 - 블로그

4.Conversion Rate Optimization

Search engine optimization: – To help garner a higher rank on search engines every webmaster requires and work on Seo that is called search engine optimization for the business you are running to make a brand. The customer usually visits the websites shown first, and it needs of proper and strategist Search engine optimization that affects website ranking and build a reputation amongst the competitor websites. Strategic link building help gains a higher rank in these search results.

Social Media Optimization: – Social media marketing technique such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc. helpful to gained performance and visibility of your brand. With the use of social media optimization practices, you can endorse yourself to people all over the world effortlessly. Want to create larger customer base then go with SMO practices.

Online Reputation Management: – Voice of customer’s opinion creates a huge difference in front of every buyer who is looking for products or services. The internet though provides a great base for marketing along with customer reviews. People who have had a good experience with a company always help to encourage your product through positive 5-star rating. Bad experience customer used to post posts negative reviews for your company. Online reputation management helps the brand to save their company profile and thus maintain brand image of your organization.

Conversion Rate Optimization: – Conversion rate optimization is a service provided by digital marketing agencies who worked to convert visitors into customers through different strategic marketing techniques. It is of no use if visitors are not buying your product.CRO helps to create brand awareness of business products.

Other than these services digital marketing has a variety of services to make brand such as Pay per click, email marketing, mobile marketing, responsive web design, content marketing. Digital strategies help to understand online market also responsible for successfully planning, examining, recommending and executing marketing strategies. Through various marketing channels viral your product creates appreciation amongst the every visitors or buyer. So, don’t look here and there and get in touch with a renowned digital marketing service agency company to reap the benefits of reliable and capable digital media and trends.

Yagvendra Singh Kumpawat has experienced various digital marketing services and were an expert in all Seo activities and writing for best Seo Company India Wiktionary (just click the following page) Vargos Technology. He has written many useful articles on Search engine optimization, social media marketing, startup business and e-commerce platform.

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A brief description about this? I don’t have one…


Greeks rubbing fur on amber to create a synthetic attraction.


Lamp posts are a buzz-kill to the stars above and the moon.

They like to watch television in the dark.

It isn’t the right setting.

Destroys the mood of the theater and cinema.

There’s a new dimension out there I need



Read Nietzsche to expand the mind

Watch television in the dark.

3 comments on (W.O.W.) words of wisdom

hey guys thanks for the kind words! i really appreciate it!

Do not show me government propaganda.

Instead point me in the direction of the promise land.

This world is sadly just full of propagandas..

I love your work. Especially for some reason the description really attracted me.

4th of july background with american elementsThe battle starts in your mind, that’s where it is. It is a war between your spirit and your mind. (your mind being your common sense) Once your mind is working in cooperation with your spirit, the struggle ceases.

It’s almost like going down a long tunnel; you don’t see anything on your right or on your left; you only focus on what’s straight ahead. You are determined to get to the end of the tunnel; because at the end of the tunnel, the light appears. The sun looks like the dawning of a new day, with new opportunities. Nothing distracts you. You are staying on course.

The word procrastination is not a part of your vocabulary. Most of the time that is the problem. People don’t act. Whatever needs to be done should be completed and taken care of in a timely manner. As a matter of fact, it should be done before the required time to make sure there are no slip-ups.

Some may say, “I’ll start when the kids grow-up, or when I get a certain amount of money”. Some may say, “I’m too old, or I’ll wait 2,5,10 years”. Well, those years are going to come and go, and then you’ll think about the things that you could have accomplished but didn’t. Why not look back and be able to say you have attained your goal and dream.

Another way is to go at it one day at time. Instead of looking at it as a long haul, look at it as taking little leaps. You will be surprised at how, in time, you will be closer to your goal.

Girl, Suitcase, Vacation, Glasses

You must understand that no one else controls Apache2 your destiny. Sometimes people confide in others, asking their opinion on what they should do. The person they are confiding in may have no ambition or goals, and begin to have jealousy toward them. They discourage and cause them to remain immobile. Stay away from those types of people. As soon as discouragement is thrown at you, throw it back. Dont’t allow it it seep into your thinking and bring back the battle in your mind.

[미사용품] SMC FRL AC40B-04G-SV-A - 블로그Kim Hilton, MCC, PCC, has a master’s degree in Christian counseling. Founder of Closet Words Ministries Foundation, Kim is a teacher on prayer and listening to God. Michigan An avid writer of several books, Closet Words was chosen as the first book to be published with the proceeds going to Closet Words Ministries Foundation. A sought-after speaker and Bible Study leader, Kim has spoken at both national and local events. She resides with her husband on their farm and enjoys spending time with their six grown children and grandchildren. You can find more information on Kim on her website and also on Facebook at

Welcome, Kim. We are excited to have you here. Can you please tell our readers a bit about yourself?

After a difficult childhood filled with violence, hunger, abuse, and poverty, my siblings and I were taken from our home and put into an orphanage, then foster care. Eventually, four of us were adopted. I have lived a journey of healing for many years – I chose long ago to not only be a survivor, but to be an overcomer. Presently, my husband and I have six children. We live on a farm and enjoy our time with our children and grandchildren.

Taken word for word as heard from God, Closet Words is a collection of powerful and penetrating words written down in the stillness of a prayer closet. Hearing from God for several years, I began writing down in a journal what I heard: encouraging, uplifting, and challenging words with a clear message to His servants. Closet Words gives a renewal and refreshing word to the Christian believer. It is a call to action for Christians to find within themselves their true commitment to God. Each chapter builds on the previous one, calling the reader to a deeper, closer and more committed relationship with God.

Although similar to a prayer/devotional book, it is deeper, as the book is 100% a collection of words from God.

What was the most challenging part of writing this book? The most rewarding?

The Study Guide. Closet Words is a collection of words from God. It is copied word-for-word from my journal. However, I decided to add a Study Guide for group or personal study at the end of the book. I spent over 90 hours writing that portion.

The most rewarding has been hearing the impact Closet Words has had on people’s lives.

What do you hope readers will learn from your book?

God wants us to take our Christianity seriously. We are never alone and God does hear our prayers.

The book is available at Amazon.

The next book coming is Dripping In Grace: The True Story of Past Horror, Present Healing and Permanent Grace.

God wants us to take our Christianity seriously. It is time the Christian believer answers the bugle call.

Peter Gravy’s investigative tour of Kenya for ‘Upyawz News’.

Old Customs House, La Perouse, Botany Bay, New South Wales, ca. 1935, 1 / E.W. Searle

Hi all, Gravy here. ‘Upyawz News’ sent me to Kenya for a ‘survival course’ with Bear Grylls, so Ken you, or ya, put up your feet for a tick, (ticks so bad here in Africa ‘feet up’ is compulsory). I left Australia in an early DC 9. Don’t like flying in a late DC 9 as they have lousy headlights. Gosh! the cargo holds in these birds- to say the least-is un- bumable.

My luggage consisted of ‘survival gear’. A copy of ‘umpteen shades of grey’, Womans Day edition of Hemingway’s novels ‘How i held a bar up’ , ‘The old man and the Sea’, and ‘ See! women are the superior species and don’t you male turkeys forget it, gobble- gobble’. My lunch box contained one turkey sandwich, minus gobble, band-aids, and a sharp knife i found in a hoodlum’s stomach in downtown Hollywood. One deceased belly button…and a jar of vegemite.

We flew nor- by- nor east via America. Then it happened. A giant democratic eagle flying home from the recent election crashed headfirst through the front window. I knew it was a democratic eagle because it landed in the pilot’s lap and squawked-“o Bumma”. Biggles acted promptly as the pressure dropped. He took the silver bird down lower than a politician’s promise. Near underground.

I put band-aids on the eagle’s wings, pushed it back out the window,it dropped like a stone. Maybe i shouldn’t have used so many band-aids but the majestic symbol of U. S. A managed to break free…got caught in an updraft and crashed back through the window again! I was running out of aids. I felt like ‘The birdman of Alcacrash’. It could have been aligned with the U.S. stockmarket…crash…band-aid solution…crash! We landed at midnight at the Kenyan resort of ‘Go Way’ whereupon Bear Grylls loomed up, grabbed the eagle and probably would have eaten it had i not given him my turkey sandwhich. The ‘Go Way’ welcoming comittee was led by, (woman of nine9 take note) a lovely woman like woman of nine, only-wait for it- she had 25 children all sitting on a broken sofa! Her name was Di- actually three of her husbands had already done so! Di told me in perfect Silvestor Stallone English that even though she had 25 children so far she would have had more but the sofa broke-as i pointed out three seconds ago.

Di confided in me as she gently stroked my wounded big bird. She murmured that Wild Turkey was the only form of contraception in Kenya. I had the feeling they were scarce! Suddenly! i had an idea. I rushed over and snatched my half-eaten turkey sandwhich off Bear. I proffered it to the beautiful Di. She lowered her eyes and………..(more tomorrow).

When it comes to building, people often argue about which is the best material available. Daily While different arguments can be thrown into the mix, a wide majority agree that the material of choice for the best work Society ( is steel. Those that want to look for the best steel building manufacturer in the UK but aren’t sure should continue reading. This article takes a look at the various advantages of building with steel and why it is the favored choice among top constructors.

It’s cost effective

Too rare are the times where money really doesn’t matter, and even the most generous budgets often times looks at the pros and cons of using a certain material from a financial point of view. Building with steel is a great advantage on the monetary side because it is cost effective. Often times, the cost of working with this material is cheap and no special skill is required of those that perform work, while maintain a high standard as far as the results are concerned.

It’s resistant to fire and a lot of other dangers

Steel is resistant to fire which makes it a great candidate and an even greater building material to have. With fires being able to burst and spread so fast, having a material that completely denies it that opportunity is a perk most constructors are looking into acquiring for a job. Sure, steel isn’t indestructible, but as long as there is no heat source that can produce temperatures of more than 1000 degrees Celsius, everything should be Ok.

It’s resistant to earthquakes

Earthquakes are another natural disaster that can happen in the blink of an eye and completely destroy a building. If the building used steel in its construction, it is far more secured since steel is earthquake tested and approved as very resistant. It means that during such an event, those within a steel building are much safer than if any other material would have been used.

It’s very durable

One of the greatest qualities of steel is that of durability. The durability of construction materials is often questioned and thoroughly investigated before the first hand is raised to begin construction, and steel always passed these tests and proves to be a very durable materials which can be entrusted with the safety and longevity of the project and everyone inside the building at any given time.

It’s flexible in design approaches

Steel is a very durable and hard material, which actually makes it very flexible, believe it or not. The fact that it allows for broad designs and long spanning arcs to be constructed just as easily as the opposite design scheme make it very flexible and give designers a great advantage.

For some reason unknown to me at this time when I hear a poignant story or I see something that tugs on the emotions, tears come to my eyes, my chest tightens slightly, and my throat develops a lump.

I am not unhappy this happens. Feeling emotions are very special moments. Someone else might cry when they are physically hurt. I have not. I cannot say about the future hurts, but the breaks, sprains, migraines, or back problems have not brought the tears. Tears come rolling forth at moments when love is exquisitely expressed or demonstrated. Tears are the rare jewels of my soul seeping out unbidden.

As an explanation, I grew up in a family where tears were not tolerated for physical illness or pain. “If you are going to cry, go to your room,” were the words I heard. Other words were, “We don’t have time for this. Get on with it.” or “That did not hurt that much.” So, each of us learned to “suck it up” and get the job done. The words “I love you.” or “I am proud of you.” were not heard in the 18 years I lived at home.

Please do not take these words as condemnation or even negative thoughts about my childhood. If you treasured this article so you would like to acquire more info about Rationale generously visit the web-site. These are just facts of what daily life was. I did not grow up in an abusive or bad environment. Each of the brothers have said, “I know I can handle any situation that comes my way. It was a tough way to grow up, but it prepared me to succeed in life.” We were poor and we did a lot of things other kids did not. We dug the ditch from the well to beneath the kitchen to bring water inside. We lived in a suburb of Milwaukee, WI and had outside plumbing. I held my young brother’s feet and lowered him down into the well casing while he was holding the pipe elbow in place so that my other brother screwed a second pipe into that pipe elbow. There was only the thought this was something we had to figure out how to do. Yes, I was careful. Yes, to this day he still teases me about that day 50 years ago. We dug and filled in several outhouse pits and moved the outhouse to the new location. I had to fill one hole in on Friday after school before I could go on a date. I chuckle remembering the incident.

I project from this childhood that nourishment in the form love demonstrated and poignant moments are especially endearing. Thus, the tears flow.