Grid servers have been around for quite a few years now, and there are many advantages to using grid servers. Grid servers can be explained in a number of different ways when it comes to various computing tasks that follow this Rationale method. Grid servers are simply a better method of computing as opposed to more costly methods for performing calculations like SMP boxes. Using a grid server is less of a hassle.

Distributing Jobs with Grid Servers

With the use of grid severs, tasks are able to be evenly distributed within the shared software. The distribution process is very specific and knows where all of the different components need to be distributed. There is no need to worry about an overloaded server which could cause many different issues later on down the line.

Advantages of Using a Grid Server

There are many advantages of using a grid server that are quite obvious and beneficial to those who use the method. As discussed earlier on, you don’t need an SMP server, which is more expensive and is not as convenient to use as the grid server method.

Your idle resources are used much more efficiently. Tasks are easily farmed out to idle desktops and idle servers. When business hours are off there are many resources that just sit idle.

The grid environments are modular and there are no points of failure. If there is a grid that fails within the desktop then you can expect for a backup resource to pick up the work load. Many of the jobs that fail can easily be restarted.

Easy Management of Policies

Grid software is used to easily manage policies. Below is a list of some of the grid enabling software that can be used for this purpose.

·Platform LSF




·Sun Grid Engine


·Data Synapse

Each on of the software does a superb job of taking care of the computing resources and managing them on a regular basis.

The scalability of grid servers works out nicely. If you happen to find that you need more resources for computing then all you will need to do is plug them in and install them to the grid. You can add them to the servers and the desktops, and they can be removed easily whenever you no longer need to use them.

Easy Upgrading on the Fly

The fly makes it easy for you to upgrade the grid and there is no need for this to be done on a particular downtime. It is possible for you to take some of the resources to work offline as well. This maintains the server and keeps projects working without any type of delay.

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