How To choose A Yoga Mat

If you decided to start yoga classes, a proper yoga mat is essential. Practicing yoga on a rug, overly-soft gym cushion or towel can lead to injury and frustration. While most gyms or studios offer mats for public use, owning your own yoga mat can is much more hygienic.

The roll mat is supposed to repel water and be heat-insulating, whereas the yoga mat must be sticky, strong and absorb moisture. So, it’s time to consider buying your personal yoga mat.

Instead of going to any store and picking the first mat encountered, it is highly recommended to watch a fitness guru yoga mat review by decide on what kind of yoga mat will perfectly suit you. The questions below will help you see into a matter.

How Long Have you Been Practicing Yoga?

If you a beginner, be aware that your joints are very sensitive to the pressure of hard surfaces, and some yoga positions can be a real test for the knees, elbows, and spine. In order not to be distracted by unpleasant sensations, we recommend to begin with thicker mats of 5-7 mm. Those who practice yogism for a long time can pick a carpet with a thickness of 1mm.

What Type of Yoga Do You Do?

The more often and more actively you are engaged in the training, the higher requirement of a rug resistance is. To date, there are many directions, techniques, and styles of this eastern discipline, which differ just like athletic acrobatics differ from chess. Accordingly, different yoga mats will be suitable for different styles of yoga.

– Such light practices as Kundalini or Ishvara yoga treat your body and yoga mat carefully, so any non-slip mat is suitable.
– If you are engaged in Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga every day with a lot of jumps, active ligaments, etc., then we recommend a wear-resistant yoga mat.
– For soft meditative practice, soft, thick mats will fit well. They will be comfortable to sit and lie in during meditation.

Which Length of the Yoga Mat Is optimal?

The length of 183 centimeters is sufficient for a convenient practice. If your height is more than 180 centimeters or you are practicing Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga with body sprays, then we advise you to think about buying a mat of 200-220 centimeters. However, it seems to us that mats 170-175 cm long are not quite comfortable, unless you are a child or your height is not more than 160 cm.

What Does the Thickness of the Yoga Mat Affect?

The thickness of the rug provides for the softness of the practice. On a thicker rug, it will be easier for you to put an elbow or a knee on the floor without feeling any discomfort. In addition, a thicker rug will not pass the cold from the floor, which is important in shavasana and prolonged meditation. We consider the thickness of 4.5-6 mm to be optimal for yoga practice. However, everything is individual here.

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