Just Sweet Dreams Of Tonight

“Each night, when I go to sleep, I die. And the next morning, when I wake up, I am reborn.” ? Mahatma Gandhi

Sleep now

Don’t speak

Lay your head down to rest

Close your eyes now

Don’t think

Thoughts can resume tomorrow

Breath in… relax now

Calm and settle down

No planning of tomorrow

Just sweet dreams of tonight.

Your day has been long

And I want you to rest now

Clear your mind for me please

Don’t put up a fight,

I know your tired

You need your rest tonight.

Let me comfort you, trust me,

Let me soothe you…

Gently rub your head as you rest

Now you can dream, beautiful dreams

Hold onto my voice

Fade away into my words

Let your defenses down

Don’t utter a sound.

Just dream, breathe in a dream

This place of blissful peace

In my world, where you can relax,

And be free to shine

With the absence of time,

No fears to overtake you

Dwell there, please, trust in it

Don’t rush to wake

Take your time, enjoy your stay

In the end, you’ll be ready to begin

Yet another day,

Followed by a beautiful night,

When I put you to sleep again.

4 comments on Sleep Now

An after thought on this poem, as I know often one may wonder where we find inspiration…this was written for a dear friend I was telling to be at peace and just sleep…they had recently been told some very traumatic news and it was my way of wishing to give them comfort…to rest safely in my arms and let go of their pain…to some it may seem a frivolous poem but it carried a special meaning to me and my friend. I mostly write from my emotions and heart… If you enjoyed this post and you would certainly like to get more facts concerning ’90s kindly visit the page. maybe this is why I love the format of poetry…it leaves it open to many interpretations…

Oh! So beautiful…How I missed this post…just wondering…What a treat you have given to your thoughts…Each word so comforting…In the serenity of your poem I see the magic…as it develops with assuring words the peace settle and the mind glides into the space of absolute calmness…

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