In today’s economy, there is no telling what tomorrow might bring. It doesn’t matter what industry you are in, or what products you sell; times are still tough. There is no way around it. In order for businesses to survive in such conditions, you have to think small…with overhead costs.

#tbt#i#gm#like4likes#like4like#like4likeback#like4likealways#like4follow#like4followers#like4likebackalways#like4likebackteam#likeforlikes#likeforlike#likeforfollow#likeforfollowers#likeforlikebackteam#likeforlikeback#likeforlikealwa#colorful#instamood#instamoment#parisAs you begin establishing a client base and trustworthy team to increase business, you have to always have costs in mind. Some costs of business are unavoidable; rent, paychecks, insurance, and so on. And while costs are unavoidable, it can seem like the more you spend the less you grow. It’s a catch-all trying to balance growth with overhead. So how do you streamline your daily processes to work efficiently and still increase business?

Internet and Tech

Plan ahead when it comes to networking and internet access. This is a critical need for any business and will probably be the biggest factor in how the flow of your company works. Internet access has come a long way, and broadband access has paved the way for small businesses to change with and grow with ease and little change in operation. And because of its growth in efficiency, business internet is always changing and improving to meet the demands of today’s businesses. You have to be prepared, and broadband providers know that. They are always testing and improving their own speed to accommodate an ever changing world.

Take it Online

On the same note as creating speed and efficient networking capabilities, doing most of your accounting and account management online takes away a lot of the labor costs of having a person in-house managing your business. Of course, this is a general ideology and might not be the optimal situation for certain businesses, but it can lower some hard costs when it comes to daily accounting and administrative duties. Once you into the flow of managing your accounts and finances online, you can even begin to automate these processes to save even more time. Automatic payments even come with incentives these days, so it could also save additional costs.

Pinch Pennies

It seems counter intuitive, but if you can gain control of your debts and costs early on, they won’t come back to bite you later. Many companies will try to set you up on a credit system to allow you to chip away at your debts a little at a time, but this can be more detrimental to you in the long run. If you can pay off anything right away, do it. If you have extra cash flow, think about working off the debt, instead of investing in a new printer. Whatever costs you can pay at any given time, it certainly pays to do so. After all, we know how credit works, the longer you wait to pay something off, the more you pay in the long run. That certainly doesn’t mesh well with growth.

When streamlining your business, you have to keep in mind that everything is a risk. Leaving the bills and accounts to an online management system doesn’t come without flaws. Networks sometimes encounter problems that could interfere with business transactions. But this is the same in any business. The more time and money you can save, the easier your business will flow. No doubt, you are looking to increase and grow also. Streamlining now can help you to take on the growth and to be prepared.

If you decided to start yoga classes, a proper yoga mat is essential. Practicing yoga on a rug, overly-soft gym cushion or towel can lead to injury and frustration. While most gyms or studios offer mats for public use, owning your own yoga mat can is much more hygienic.

The roll mat is supposed to repel water and be heat-insulating, whereas the yoga mat must be sticky, strong and absorb moisture. So, it’s time to consider buying your personal yoga mat.

Instead of going to any store and picking the first mat encountered, it is highly recommended to watch a fitness guru yoga mat review by decide on what kind of yoga mat will perfectly suit you. The questions below will help you see into a matter.

How Long Have you Been Practicing Yoga?

If you a beginner, be aware that your joints are very sensitive to the pressure of hard surfaces, and some yoga positions can be a real test for the knees, elbows, and spine. In order not to be distracted by unpleasant sensations, we recommend to begin with thicker mats of 5-7 mm. Those who practice yogism for a long time can pick a carpet with a thickness of 1mm.

What Type of Yoga Do You Do?

The more often and more actively you are engaged in the training, the higher requirement of a rug resistance is. To date, there are many directions, techniques, and styles of this eastern discipline, which differ just like athletic acrobatics differ from chess. Accordingly, different yoga mats will be suitable for different styles of yoga.

– Such light practices as Kundalini or Ishvara yoga treat your body and yoga mat carefully, so any non-slip mat is suitable.
– If you are engaged in Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga every day with a lot of jumps, active ligaments, etc., then we recommend a wear-resistant yoga mat.
– For soft meditative practice, soft, thick mats will fit well. They will be comfortable to sit and lie in during meditation.

Which Length of the Yoga Mat Is optimal?

The length of 183 centimeters is sufficient for a convenient practice. If your height is more than 180 centimeters or you are practicing Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga with body sprays, then we advise you to think about buying a mat of 200-220 centimeters. However, it seems to us that mats 170-175 cm long are not quite comfortable, unless you are a child or your height is not more than 160 cm.

What Does the Thickness of the Yoga Mat Affect?

The thickness of the rug provides for the softness of the practice. On a thicker rug, it will be easier for you to put an elbow or a knee on the floor without feeling any discomfort. In addition, a thicker rug will not pass the cold from the floor, which is important in shavasana and prolonged meditation. We consider the thickness of 4.5-6 mm to be optimal for yoga practice. However, everything is individual here.

“Each night, when I go to sleep, I die. And the next morning, when I wake up, I am reborn.” ? Mahatma Gandhi

Sleep now

Don’t speak

Lay your head down to rest

Close your eyes now

Don’t think

Thoughts can resume tomorrow

Breath in… relax now

Calm and settle down

No planning of tomorrow

Just sweet dreams of tonight.

Your day has been long

And I want you to rest now

Clear your mind for me please

Don’t put up a fight,

I know your tired

You need your rest tonight.

Let me comfort you, trust me,

Let me soothe you…

Gently rub your head as you rest

Now you can dream, beautiful dreams

Hold onto my voice

Fade away into my words

Let your defenses down

Don’t utter a sound.

Just dream, breathe in a dream

This place of blissful peace

In my world, where you can relax,

And be free to shine

With the absence of time,

No fears to overtake you

Dwell there, please, trust in it

Don’t rush to wake

Take your time, enjoy your stay

In the end, you’ll be ready to begin

Yet another day,

Followed by a beautiful night,

When I put you to sleep again.

4 comments on Sleep Now

An after thought on this poem, as I know often one may wonder where we find inspiration…this was written for a dear friend I was telling to be at peace and just sleep…they had recently been told some very traumatic news and it was my way of wishing to give them comfort…to rest safely in my arms and let go of their pain…to some it may seem a frivolous poem but it carried a special meaning to me and my friend. I mostly write from my emotions and heart… If you enjoyed this post and you would certainly like to get more facts concerning ’90s kindly visit the page. maybe this is why I love the format of poetry…it leaves it open to many interpretations…

Oh! So beautiful…How I missed this post…just wondering…What a treat you have given to your thoughts…Each word so comforting…In the serenity of your poem I see the magic…as it develops with assuring words the peace settle and the mind glides into the space of absolute calmness…

The poster van carried the slogans: “In the UK illegally? Go home or face arrest.” A second line on the advert claimed: “106 arrested in your area”. If you treasured this article and you also would like to be given more info with regards to Kom please visit our own site. It then encouraged illegal immigrants to text “home” to the number 78070.

荣耀7i助力时尚课堂 瑞丽之星校园行全面启动The campaign attracted widespread criticism, including censure from the Business Secretary Vince Cable, who called it “stupid and offensive”.

However, Downing Street insisted that it was working and that immigrants were volunteering to leave, although the home Office did not provide figures.

The van travelled through Barnet, Hounslow, Barking and Dagenham, Ealing, Brent and Redbridge as part of a £10,000 pilot scheme, which ended at the end of last month.

This is how France seem to work, many believe this is not racist, this is telling people who are getting free housing, free money and living in a system everyone I know pays into for free, I think this a step in the right direction for the United Kingdom. In Scotland we don’t suffer this problem, in England it is very bad, perhaps the proper advert but worded wrong, but is it Racist? “Go Home” is the issue

In response to this the Civil Liberty movement pulled this van out


An ASA spokesman said: “I can confirm that the Advertising Standards Authority has launched a formal investigation into the home Office ‘Go Home’ ad campaign following 60 complaints.

Chris Bryant MP, Labour’s shadow immigration minister, said: “This is another embarrassing blow to a Government which continues to fail to deal with immigration.

“With more people absconding at the border and fewer illegal immigrants being returned, David Cameron and Theresa May can’t even get the basics right, stumbling from one shambles to another.

“You’ve got to question the government’s competence. We need effective action on immigration not offensive stunts.”

A Home Office spokesman said: “We can confirm that we are in contact with the Advertising Standards Authority over this investigation and will respond in due course.”

Embarrassing or Correct? You decide, for me correct message, wrong way to go about it. This coalition government are starting to take a pounding from the media for anything and it is well known the brothers in arms, Prime Minister David Cameron and Deputy Prime Minster Nick Clegg don’t see eye to eye on much, before the joined forces to allow the Conservative party the votes to take power the Lib Dems have since broken over 20 campaign promises while in with the snobs from Eton.

I work hard for my money, and I think it’s about damn time my money starts working for me. Right now it just sits in a bank account, earning hardly any interest. skyscraper Lazy-ass money. I want to start investing it. The problem is, I know jack-shit about investing. Stocks, bonds, portfolios – I don’t even know what the hell those words mean. Make it easy for me. Tell me where to put my money so that it’ll make me even more money.

Lester the Investor

Printable Bubble Letter O Outline Ty S School Projects PinteDear Lester the Investor,

I also know nothing about investing, but I think if we use our common sense we can figure out the best strategy for your money. The whole idea in investing is to put your money behind a business, property, or enterprise that will be successful and earn more money. Pretty simple. The hard part, of course, is figuring out which businesses, properties, or enterprises will be successful. To determine this, we just need to look at human nature.

It stands to reason that the most successful businesses will be those which offer the products and services that people enjoy most. These will be the wisest places to invest your money. The question then, simply, is: what do people enjoy most? The answer is obvious: sex, drugs, and rock-n-roll.

Invest heavily in the sex industry. Buy stock in condom companies as well as the pharmaceutical companies that make boner, birth-control, and morning-after pills. Look into purchasing a share of the ownership of a strip club or an online porn website. You could even put up some money to back a fledgling pimp – give him the start-up cash to buy his fancy wardrobe and attract his first hos, then reap a percentage of his filthy dirty profits.

Also invest in the drug industry. Again, you can buy stock in pharmaceutical, tobacco, or alcohol companies, or you can purchase a share of a liquor store or bar. Don’t be shy about delving into the illegal drug trade as well. Just like with the pimp described above, you can back a drug dealer to help him get his career started. Then just sit back and watch the money roll in.

Investing in rock-n-roll is a bit tougher. It’s hard to make money when so many people get music for free from the internet. Also, you can’t back a musician like you would a pimp or a drug dealer: a musician would just spend the money on sex and drugs. Maybe you could invest in a night club that features live music. Throw some sexy naked dancers and an open-door drug policy into the mix, and you’ve got a can’t-miss investment. It’s a sure thing!

Weed or Ketchup on your Fries?

Heading to the friendly city of Amsterdam, a chain of Dutch stores will give you the choice of having cannabis flavored mayo on your fries.

Have the munchies? Well of course, you’re in Amsterdam and what better way to satisfy your cravings than to visit the chain of Dutch french frie shops that will be adding an option to have cannabis-flavoured mayo on your fries?

If you’re thinking there may be a “Catch 22” to eating pot-mayo, think again as Albert van Beek of Manneken Pis says you’ll be able to completely comver your fries with his new sauce, though you will not get the munchies nor get high as it does not contain THC.

“It’s just about the taste,”he told AFP. “We specialise in sauces and we constantly want to diversify. I had the idea because I smell the cannabis coming from the coffee shop opposite my chip shop in Amsterdam every day.”

Menus at Mannekin Pis, (soon to be renamed Mannekin Highs) will clearly state that the mayonnaise, a much more popular topping on french fries in the Netherlands than ketchup or vinegar, contains no euphoric THC.

If you have plans to visit Amsterdam, stop by Mannekin Pis and let us know how they taste.

4 comments on Weed or Ketchup on your Fries?

Tony i always thought that ‘Mannekin Pis’ was the end result of a disrobed store dummy forced to stand shivering in the window of a store in the middle of winter unable to get to a ‘mannekin pis stop’ in time? SORRY Tony, i just looked it up in the dictionary, i got confused with Mannequin! If you have any kind of concerns pertaining to where and ways to make use of Uniworld (please click the following post), you can contact us at the page. Please ignore this comment or give it a good dressing down…or simply disrobe it.Don’t want people to think i’m a dummy…

haha though the Mannekin Pis is the little statue of the guy taking a pis

You are not just a pretty farce Tony…was stat ue in the midst of that fountain? I’m laughing here. I just wish i could swim in the fountain of youth but i don’t want to foul the waters. Actually the sign says, ManneKEN so your description is more apt. Jeeze! the world changes as we speak. You throw meat on a Barbie here and Ken from the fountain gets pissed off! Are they or are they not divorced? Should they be allowed to re meet? Or should both be given the chop?

picture by David Olenick tht i firmly believe should be made into tee shirts

SEATTLE, Washington—Fresh from the keyboard of science-thriller writer Lori Stephens, Alpha, Omega is—like Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code—fiction with a forceful message. The story starts with a corpse. A defector from a cult called Omega has bled to death, and the only clue is the book he’s clutching: the Librah Vae-ta, the holy scripture that the Omega founders engineered over a century ago. Dr. Gatsby Donovan resolves to help solve the bizarre murder. As she spirals deeper into the danger zone of spies and assassins, she discovers that the Omega script is based on the ancient languages of the Bible, Torah, and Koran.

más I+D menos Recortes - Dibujo

Alpha, Omega’s back cover cautions, “WARNING! Read at your own risk!” Could the mere act of reading this novel Official be dangerous? Readers may wonder if the holy book in their own home libraries contains much more than maxims for living.

Alpha, Omega is an intelligent (and wild) ride through cults, religious scriptures, ancient languages, neuro-addiction, murder, betrayal, revenge, and ultimately, love. As it challenges readers to rethink the agendas of the religious organizations that have become global superpowers, it poses startling questions that deconstruct the very nature of belief.

If you enjoyed this information and you would such as to obtain more information pertaining to Bebe kindly visit the website.

Hollywood-The much anticipated line-up for the 32nd Annual Playboy Jazz Festival was announced on Thursday, February 25, 2010. Jazz aficionados all over the United States waited patiently for this announcement to be made. The 32nd Annual Playboy Jazz Festival will be held on June 12-13, 2010 at the historic, world famous Hollywood Bowl.

Vintage London Bus at SunsetVIP’s, musicians and representatives from various media outlets (newspapers, magazines, internet websites, radio and television) were in attendance at the Playboy Mansion in Holmby Hills on a cool breezy day.

L.A. District High school Jazz Band directed by Tony White and J.B. Dyas entertained the crowd as we assembled under the huge canopy on the grounds of the Playboy Mansion. The youth of this band played some flawless straight ahead jazz for the listening pleasure of the crowd.

Hugh Hefner and the Playboy Jazz Festival organization welcomed invited guest to the Mansion. Darlene Chan, Producer Playboy Jazz Festival of Festival West Inc. along with Bill Cosby announced the stellar line-up for the festival.

If you like your jazz mingled with other international flavors, the 32nd Annual Playboy Jazz Festival offers just the right serving for you. The festival presents an eclectic mix of modern jazz, smooth jazz, Latin jazz, salsa, big band, blues and world music to satisfy a wide variety of musical taste.

The 32nd Annual Playboy Jazz Festival presented in co-operation with the L.A. Philharmonic Association at the internationally known Hollywood Bowl on June 12-13, 2010.

Saturday, June 12, 2010- 2:30P.M.-11:00P.M

El Dorado High school, directed by Richard Watson

Trombone Shorty & Orleans Avenue (get ready to party with a Secondline like they do in Who Dat Nation)

Jake Shimakukuro

Javon Jackson featuring special guest Les McCann

The Clayton-Hamilton Jazz Orchestra salutes legendary drummer Louie Bellson

Marcus Miller with guest artist Christian Scott (trumpet sensation from What Do Nation in New Orleans)

Los Van Van-sizzling salsa from Cuba

Kurt Elling

Sax for Stax consisting of Gerald Albright, Jeff Lorber and Kirk Whalum

Chick Corea Freedom Band with Roy Haynes, Christian McBride and Kenny Garrett

Sunday, June 13, 2010- 2:00P.M.-10:30P.M

L.A. District High school Jazz Band directed by Tony White and J.B. Dyas

Jazz Mafia’s Brass Bows and Beats

Cos of good Music with Dwayne Burno, Ndugu Chancler, Mark Gross, Jay Hoggard, D.D. Jackson and Ingrid Jensen

Tiempo Libre-hot Caribbean sounds of Cuba

Irvin Mayfield & The new Orleans Jazz Orchestra

Esperanza Spalding-making a return engagement

Robert Randolph & The Family Band-blues and gospel

Salif Keita-World music from Mali

Bobby Hutcherson & Cedar Walton Quartet

Manhattan Transfer

George Benson

This isn’t the order of appearance that you will see the bands performing on the day of the festival.

Bill Cosby returns once again to serve as Master of Ceremonies. Hugh M. Hefner, Executive Producer of the Playboy Jazz Festival. Richard Rosenzweig, President, Playboy Jazz Festivals. George Wein, Producer Emeritus, Darlene Chan and Festival West Inc., Producer, Playboy Jazz Festival.

Tickets are available through Ticketmaster starting February 25, 2010. Patrons can purchase tickets online at, or over the phone by calling (213) 365-3500 or (714) 740-7878, and at any Ticketmaster outlet or by downloading a ticket order form available at . There is also a link to the Ticketmaster website on the Playboy Jazz Festival website. A mail order form can also be found in the Calendar section of the Los Angeles Times on Sunday, February 28, 2010.

closeup of a carpet little fluff white stuff

Michael Robb Mathias has made a name writing epic fantasy novels under the pen name M. R. Mathias. His Amazon, and Barnes & Noble Bestselling e-books:
The Sword and the Dragon & The Royal Dragoneers have taken on a life of their own as masterworks in the fantasy genre.

Michael’s newest release, The Butcher’s Boy, is not a fantasy. It is a terrifying Haunted House/Murder-Mystery/Chiller.

In order to maintain a distance from the YA fans of his popular Dragoneers Saga, this frightening tale has been released under the pen name:

Michael Robb

About the book:

The Butcher’s Boy

Thirty-one years ago, Buxly the Butcher went to trial for killing his entire family. He was found guilty, and sentenced to die for those crimes. Now, Janet Hale, a recently divorced nurse, has purchased the house unaware of the brutal murders that took place there so long ago.

From the moment she, her eleven-year-old son, and his overprotective Rottweiler move in, bad things start to happen. A strange man is caught lurking in the back yard, and the only neighbor turns out to be a crazy old widow. If you loved this posting and you would like to acquire extra info relating to CULTURE – – kindly stop by the website. But not everything is going wrong. During the move, Janet meets a handsome charmer. She likes him enough to start dating again, leaving a sitter to watch over her son.

When Michael, and his dog, Lucy-Fur, learn firsthand that their home is haunted by one of the victims of the Butcher’s grisly act, Michael scours the internet and the local library to find out what happened back then. Maggie, the sitter, brings over a Ouija board and they soon find out that there is more than one dark spirit on the haunt.

Can Lucy-Fur protect her boy from the angry ghost that wants to possess him? Can Michael fight through the madness and terror to find out what really happened? If he does, maybe the tormented souls can be put to rest and his mom can keep the house that she seems to love. If he fails, he just might become one of them. With the help of Maggie, and a burned out house painter, Michael is going to try. The problem is, not everyone is who they seem… even the dead.

This isn’t your average haunted house novel.

The Butcher’s Boy by Michael Robb… Take a slow ride into terror!

[ 2018.02.06 New-a 아기 화보 촬영. Photo by 조용재 ] 사랑하다 ST - 블로그There has been much ado about the issue of mobile apps vs. mobile websites. The usability of mobile apps has been opposed by the evidently bigger numbers of mobile website users. And just as usual, it depends on the project, its orientation and functionality, and of course, on the target user audience and budget. Here we would like to present some of the most interesting and valuable tips that you might find helpful. Somewhere apps win, somewhere websites do. But in general, you only have to walk through these facts to facilitate your choice.

Devices and platforms. Mobile apps are designed for peculiar types of devices, and fully corresponds to its capabilities. If you for some reason target the audience of iPad users, an app is a must. Mobile websites are better for delivering their content across various mobile platforms. They are freely and instantly accessible for devices. Mobile apps have to be downloaded and installed from an application store of a peculiar platform. A great win is that mobile apps are able to run offline, unlike websites. Apps are also more capable of bringing direct returns.

Content and features. Mobile websites can display text, audio and video content, as well as several other features, such as location-based mapping and click-to-call. That is why for simpler solutions, a mobile website is a better option. Mobile apps can incorporate a wider set of platform’s native features, thus have much wider functional opportunities. Turn to them when a website is not enough. Apps deliver a user experience unmatched by websites. At least for now. The situation might change with emergence of new platforms and because of varieties of devices within one platform. Then adjusting apps for all of them may become a laborious task.

Updates and changes. It is much faster and easier to update the content on a website, rather than in an application. Changes in apps can be very limited; moreover, users have to download and install updates. Changes on a website become visible straight away. Websites are easier to find and to share links. In the future, web development tools will expand the functional filling of a mobile website, thus bringing in new prospects.

Hand drawn usa labor day conceptThink all these issues over to draw up the entire picture of what you really need. It is generally more considerable to build a website as the first step of establishing mobile presence among a wide audience. It is faster and cheaper. In the event you adored this information as well as you would want to be given more details concerning Twitter (official statement kindly check out the site. That’s a great solution for the sphere of marketing and eCommerce. Meanwhile the complex software that requires native features, the software for regular and offline use, the interactive software such as games – all these are implemented best as mobile apps. Other things depend on the peculiarities of your project, which your software developers will gladly advise you on.