“You can’t see me! You can’t see me!” he repeatedly tells his challenger, taunting, as he waves his hand, back and forth, fingers splayed open in front of his face—his signature move. That would be John Cena; a professional wrestler, a rapper, and an actor. And at six feet plus one inch tall and weighing roughly 250 pounds of pure, solid muscle, the man is a Titan. And though mere mortal men may fear to approach him children love him!

In March of 2009 John Cena made an appearance at Eastridge Mall in San Jose, in a little store called FYE (For your Entertainment). He was there to meet his many [little] fans and to sign autographs. My two grandsons were among the throng of fans that day. The line of faithful followers waiting to see this Giant was literally out the door; the queue of people had spilled to outside the mall and it’d begun wrapping around like a belt.

My grandsons’ father, wanting to fulfill his children’s dream of meeting John Cena, spent 6 hours that morning in line waiting to buy the coveted wristbands and just-released DVD, “12 Rounds.” And then he spent another 6 hours in the P.M., that same day, holding a place in line for his children, all to see John Cena and acquire his autograph.

When John Cena came into view, the cheers and screams were deafening. Even my daughter, their mother, admits to falling completely in awe (and maybe even in-love) of this God-like human.

But John Cena did not waste time on his admiring adults; John Cena was there to greet his adoring little fans, the children.

The handicapped and challenged children at the front of the line were allowed to see John first, and my grandson observed: A down-syndrome young child walked up to John Cena and simply asked to have the hat that he was wearing, and without hesitation Mr. Cena gave it, placing it upon the child’s head. One after the other he made his way to shake their hand or lovingly pat their heads, and give them an autograph.

My youngest grandson was fearless and braved to get closer to John Cena.

Elijah: “Mr. Cena, would you please sign our shirts?” He and Jordan (his older brother) were standing together.

John Cena: “Sure! Come over here,” he said with a smile, and waving them to come closer.

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However, you can still look stylish, can’t you? Going out for a run in the morning doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t look stylish and presentable. symbol You never know whom you are going to bang into, and you wouldn’t want to be caught escaping on such occasions because you know you look like a mess, don’t you. Stylish shirts and gym shorts, with comfortable Nike sneakers can make you look cool when you run. Wear a sports watch so you don’t have to worry about your stainless steel watch getting spoilt. And you look smart and stylish with a sports watch for men on your wrist. The following are some of the many benefits of having a sports watch for men.

The Difference Between A Sports Watch And A Dress Watch

While dress watches are made with materials that make them look sophisticated and classy, they are nice to wear with the smart shirts you wear to office. Sports watches for men, on the other hand are made with tough materials like rubber or plastic, so they are durable and last for long no matter where you wear them. Sports watches for men make you look cool and stylish, especially when you pair them with your casual outfits.

Helps You Track Your Calories

So, with a sports watch on your wrist, you actually have an idea of the number of calories you burnt when you were running that morning. So, if you have been doing nothing but lazing around the whole morning, your sports watch will tell you that. If you really have burnt a good number of calories, your sports watch will tell you that, providing you the right motivation you need. So, if you have really run for a whole hour in the morning, you obviously are not going to look much thinner when you stand in front of your full length mirror, but the number of decreased calories that you see on your sports watch is effective enough in encouraging you.

Tells You About Your Heart Rate

You can never be too careful with your heart with the amount of rich food you can afford to binge on, with new restaurants coming up so often. Yes, who doesn’t love to feast on sumptuous and delicious food? But, it is always wiser to keep a check on your health at the same time. Yes, frequent visits to the doctor can be frightening and inconvenient. With a sports watch, you have a heart rate monitor so you can keep a check on your heart rate with ease.

Buy A Sports Watch for Men Online

You can always walk into a showroom and have a look at the different sports watches for men but shopping for sports watches online is much more convenient as you can relax and have a look at the wide range of sports ‘A’ watches online. You can compare the prices and read the features of different sports watches for men and get a sports watch that suits your style and personality.

알파벳 I - 카페The Santa Monica Pier Twilight Dance Series presented by Amoeba Records which takes place on the Naked Juice Stage is a nice place to take a date. One can score a trifecta on any given Thursday evening. First, you can enjoy an eclectic mixture of music to kick off the evening, afterwards you can have dinner at one of the nice restaurants on the pier and then spend some time in Pacific Park for some fun amusement games.

On July 24th, the infectious sounds of bachata, meringue and son from the Caribbean Island of the Dominican Republic entertained the throngs gathered on the pier. An All-Star bachata extravaganza was the featured band performing on the pier. Bachata music is all the rage all over the globe.

The concert of Dominican Bachata stars are touring in celebration of a recent brilliant recording entitled “Bachata Roja- Acoustic Bachata from the Cabaret Era” on the iASO Record Label. This amazing CD featured stars from the 60’s – 80’s and an emerging star of the genre. The Bachata All-Stars are finally getting the long over-due respect and recognition that they deserve. They are currently touring to rave reviews all across the United States. The members of Bachata Roja performing for this pleasant evening were Isidro Cabrera- aka “El Chivo Sin Ley”- The Lawless Goat) and Ramon Cordero and guitar giant Edilio Paredes (pictured) with emerging bachata star, singer-guitarist Joan Soriano aka “El Duque”- The Duke). The concert got under way with a special performance by the delightfully spry, 85 year old Dominican sonero Puerto Plata (given name is Jose Manuel Cobles) performing tunes from his internationally acclaimed CD “Mujer de Cabaret.” The Bachata Roja band consists of Randy Alejo-percussions, Roberto Santos- drums, Samuel Paredes-bass, and Frank Mendez on guitar.

Alphabet, U, Abc, LetterThere is still time for you and your date to partake in the fun to be had on the Santa Monica Pier for the Twilight Dance Series presented by Amoeba Records on the Naked Juice Stage. Please visit www.twilightdance.org or www.santamonicapier.org for more information about the series.

As I start this article the evening sky is becoming a battlefield. Swollen and sullen, the storm clouds jostle for position, occasionally tossing a few salvos. In the premature twilight, window rattling thunderclaps remind me just who is in charge. Mother Nature. All of this seems apropos here in Houston on the eve of the Democratic primaries in Texas. Much like Clinton and Obama, we are hoping for clearing skies come Wednesday.

E after e except for if you go to York universityI have never been much involved in Presidential elections, voting only one time in my fifty-three years. Horing (horinglih.com) This one has captured my attention, though, as it has the rest of the nation. Between Mrs. C and Barack O B there has been one heck of a skirmish going on. Every day a new challenge to the other’s integrity, abilities, and downright character stream across the media.

Tomorrow the clouds will part, as the storm clears, and light stream down in unbroken beams on someone’s dream. I hope that someone is Mrs. Clinton. I believe testosterone has ruled long enough. Let’s give estrogen a shot.

Don’t get me wrong, I think Mr. Obama is a fine candidate; indeed the one who appears destined for the Democratic nomination. However, being male myself,and speaking in generalities, I am fully aware of what happens when a man is confronted with a fight. It becomes personal with little chance of either side backing down or compromising ( Does Iraq ring a bell?). Fighting for that in which you believe is an admirable trait; unwillingness to find common ground is not. And trust me, there will be many,many fights for whomever ends up with the grand prize. In my experiences the women on this planet are more likely to find an equitable division in an issue. For those of you with brothers and sisters. think back to your childhood, wasn’t mom more likely to settle a dispute in a calm manner while dad was looking for his belt? (Again, speaking in generalities). This is one of many reasons I think Hillary should win the Democratic nomination.

So, much like Mother Nature who has done a fine job of running this planet despite our best efforts to stand in her way with pollution and global warming, let’s see if a woman can bring a new vision to solving old disagreements with both sides benefitting equally in the global theater.

Whether you agree with me or not, get out and vote. This will be a world changing election. That is unless McCain wins. In that case the world goes on as it was.


Heres a quick rundown for those looking to fresh install Windows 10 with an 7 or 8(.1) key.P.S. As I wrote the final line of this article, the Tv announcer just said that Hillary is willing to share the Whitehouse with Barack. What a ground breaking achievement that would be. It proves my point, Hillary’s willing to make everyone at least partially satisfied. Despite who wins, and depending on how well they do their jobs, they could flip-flop positions after eight years and all Democrats would be happy that their candidate won. That would be a world changing event we all could live with!

This Bollywood version is called called Paheliyan, The story of Alice. This was advertised on the morning news program that I watch while getting ready for work today. So just out of curiosity being a huge Bollywood fan, I decided to take myself over to the Ford Amphitheater and check it out. Paheliyan are riddles that never lose their magic according to the Hindi language. If you want to find more info in regards to Official (my response https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BcqxLCWn-CE) look into the web-site. I must say the dancers of the Blue13 Dance Company did a great job in interpreting this story. Alice in Wonderland has not lost it magic for those who read it, and the turn out was very broad. The age range was from 8 years old to late 50s as far as I could see.
The story of Alice is told through music and dance, complete with your standard Bollywood music and Bollywood dance numbers. White Rabbit is replaced by Brown Bunny, though Alice is played by a blond Caucasian. The cast is a mix of Indians and Caucasians who were all quite good. The performance started off with a few bumps, and I do literally mean it. It was their first night, and for some their first performance, so I’ll chalk it up to nerves.I know I couldn’t do it. Scenes included a Hindi wedding ceremony, a ride to the Ganges, the infamous cards, Tweedledee and Tweedledum (those two words were in the spellchecker), and the Chesire cat, and a hula-hoop girl huling with a hoop of fire.
So if you don’t have anything planned for Saturday evening, check it out. If you are student you can check it out for $5 with current I.D.
And try not to fall down any holes on your way there.

Red, Rose, Nature, Flowers, Roses, gardenOne of the easiest ways to find yourself getting into debt and perhaps even going as far as bankruptcy is to have sudden bills spring up seemingly out of nowhere. Unfortunately, the most common kinds of surprises in your finances are based on the costs of healthcare. They can spiral out of control if you’re not equipped to deal with them, so here’s how you prepare.

Photo by urbanbohemian


The extent of your bills aren’t always set in stone. In fact, depending on where you get treatment, you might have room to drastically cut down your bills. Hospitals have a lot of running costs they look to take care of. They may be very willing to accept a smaller overall payment if you’re able to pay it much earlier, for instance. Get a close look at your bills and see if you can spot any of the errors covered inhttp://time.com/money/3938748/7-smart-ways-to-negotiate-your-medical-bills/, too.

Photo by Rhoda Baer

Be open to dispute

If a bill goes ridiculously high, then you just might be able to dispute it, as well. It’s a good idea to keep records of all medical bills well organized in any event, but it can help you track details when disputing bills that have been doubled-billed or gone through some other error. If you believe your own insurer should be covering more, then you should get ready to call them up on it, too. The appeals process can be a lot more successful than many think.

Photo by free pictures of money

Know the extent of your insurance

Of course, there are times when your insurance providers are well within their rights to not provide. The problem with health insurance is that many people don’t go as far as they should because they want to keep payments small. However, you might be more liable for the kind of illnesses covered by Critical Illness Insurance than you think. It’s a good idea to take a look at your family history and seek the appropriate cover when you’re a high-risk individual.

Photo by succo

Only pay when you have to

There are bills that you and your insurance shouldn’t have to cover at all. It’s a good idea to get used to the idea of liability. It doesn’t only cover people in assault or accidental injuries. It also covers premises and whoever owns them. Advisors likehttps://www.injurylawyer.com/new-york/slip-and-fall-accident/ can ensure you have options even when a liable party’s insurance provider is stonewalling you. It’s important to not give up because you meet resistance.

Photo by Unsplash

Take care of yourself

Simply put, the better health you’re in, the more likely you are to recover better from illness and injury. The less likely you are to suffer from a broad range of conditions, too. Don’t just invest in better healthcare management, but better health as well. Your life is more important than your finances, at the end of the day.

The right use of insurance, a bit of legal help, and even some silver-tongued persuasion can make your healthcare bills a lot more manageable. Make sure you know the best option for your situation and don’t be afraid to argue when you need to.

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The Aussie dollar has been sliding lower in the global market after hitting the critical resistance level at 0.77491. Most of the leading Aussie investors made a decent profit by shorting the pair with the bearish price action confirmation signal. The pair exhibited a strong bearish momentum in the global market but it found some decent support near 0.73349 in the global market. According to the leading economist, the Aussie dollar might rally Furthermore in near future as the recent performance of the U.S economy is not up to the market. The green bucks have lost most of its bullish strength in the global market from the very beginning of the year 2017.Despite the strong sell off in the green buck, the optimistic dollar bulls are still in hope as FED chairperson Janet Yellen has projected three possible rate hike in the year 2017.

Weak performance in the Aussie economy: Though the Aussie dollar has been doing relatively well against the mighty U.S dollar the statistics suggest that the performance of the Aussie economy in the equity market is extremely bad for the last three months. The recent drop in the price of iron ore has created a strong doubt into the investor’s mind regarding the rate cut decision by the Reserve Bank of Australia. Some of the leading economists are thinking that the Aussie economy will struggle Furthermore in near future as the performance of the retail stocks is going to create a direct obstacle in the global market to increase the infrastructure spending. If things continue like this then we will see a sharp decline in the Aussie economy and the traders will have a tough time in the CFD trading industry to trade profitably in such a complex market environment.

U.S economic performance: Compared to the U.S economy that Aussie economy is doing relatively well and for this, we are seeing a novice bullish correction in the AUDUSD pair in the global market. Though the pair is exhibiting bullish movement in the global market according to the leading currency strategist, the U.S government is most likely to hike their interest rate in the month of June. Since FED has projected three possible rate hike in the year 2017, all the investors are very cautious while selling the green bucks in the global market. Though the green bucks are supported by the FED statement at the current market conditions investors are in fear as Mr. Trump administration is totally unpredictable.

Summary: The year 2017 has been very complex for the professional traders as Mr. Trump has created an extreme level of doubt into the investor’s mind by stating high impact statement which turns out to be false in near future. Though AUDUSD pair is exhibiting nice bullish movement in the global market the investors are in fear since an imminent hawkish rate hike by the FED will push the Aussie dollar lower in the global market. Moreover, the recent drop in the price of iron is also pushing the Aussie economy in the negative territory. Considering all the fundamental factors it’s better to stay on the sideline until the market present more lucrative trading opportunity.

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Looking for a good new camping tent that fits both your family and budget? Just a few minutes to go through this review and you’ll be an expert. We have concluded some quick tips for how to pick up a camping tent, as well as our editors’ choice of the top 10 Camping Tents in 2017.

How to choose a Camping Tent ?

I am thinking about creating a family tent camping trip through Colonial next This summer but Let me hear some reports around the weather and bugs regarding tenting. We have made extended tent journeys the final two summers out west (Colorado, Yellowstone, etc.) however the weather conditions are typically great and bugs (e.g. nasty flying bugs) were minimal. I’ve not done a visit such as this around Colonial since i have would be a kid and I’m not sure when the weather (particularly, humidity) and nasty flying bugs will make tenting more miserable than I love. I am 50 and do not benefit from the heat/humidity and so i thought I’d request some input. Lounging inside a tent sweating while scratching bug bites isn’t something I wish to do.

Stops may include: Philly, Boston, Eco-friendly Mts, White-colored Mts, Acadia, Cape Cod, and individuals types of places.

My prediction is it is going to be warm to hot with moderate (although not oppressive) humidity along with a fair quantity of nasty flying bugs. For reasons uknown, nasty flying bugs eat me alive while the remainder of my loved ones sits around untouched. If you have any kind of concerns regarding where and how to make use of Wisconsin–Madison, you could call us at our own internet site. Oh, well, appreciate any input.

I appear to keep in mind someone saying the springfree tramps just not have the same “bounce” like a decent old-fashioned metal frame tramp. Certainly the price of them did not appear anywhere near worthwhile whenever we investigated them anyway.

We wound up obtaining a 10ft metal frame one-time trademe (with netting and padding) for $50(! Gotta love people moving overseas and requiring to eliminate things really rapidly) and it is offered very well.

Is there some hard-fast rule or unheard-of decree which dictates that while it’s perfectly acceptable for female book characters to be frumpy or have a uni-brow or hips as wide as Texas, the same does not apply once that female book character jumps to the small screen? Do television producers honestly believe viewers (especially of the male persuasion) to be so shallow that they’d never watch a show where the lead female characters were anything but hot babes? Sadly, that seems to be the case.

Let’s examine the evidence, if you will. Some of the most memorable and popular male Tv characters would never come close to being described as “beefcake material”. Take for instance Hugh Laurie, as Dr. Gregory House from the Tv show House, the brilliant, albeit cynical narcissist who never met a razor he liked. Or how about Peter Falk as Lt. Columbo from the eponymous Tv show, who looked like a bum off the streets with his frumpy raincoat, chomped-over cigar and clunker of a car constantly on the fritz. And who can forget the chubby, blue collar bigot, Archie Bunker from All in the Family or the infamous J.R. Ewing of Dallas fame and his creepy eyebrows that seemed to have lives all their own? Let’s face it. None of these guys would be considered in the least bit “hot” yet all of them go down in television history for having that special something that made them appealing to both men and women – enough so that viewers would tune in week after week just to watch them.

Alas, not so for women characters on Tv, especially those who transitioned from the book pages to the small screen. Think of the bodacious Lynda Carter from the 70’s Tv show Wonder Woman or the delectable Teri Hatcher from Lois & Clark: The new Adventures of Superman. Would anyone have bothered watching Wonder Woman had Lynda Carter been a flat-chested, wide-hipped version of Fran Drescher, I wonder? And how about Michelle Maxwell from the Tv show King & Maxwell? Rebecca Romijn looks like she stepped off the pages of Vogue – after sprinting her way across six city blocks in hot pursuit of an unsub before tackling the poor jerk to the ground. And let’s not forget everyone’s favorite crime-fighting duo of late, Rizzoli and Isles, characters adapted from the popular books by Tess Gerritsen. In Gerritsen’s books, Detective Jane Rizzoli has hair that’s often described as frizzy and she seems to favor wrinkled pantsuits more often than not. Flash forward to the small screen and you’ve got the beautiful willowy ex-model Angie Harmon playing her and the very pretty blonde Sasha Alexander playing the medical examiner, Dr. Maura Isles. In Gerritsen’s books, Maura Isles is a dark-haired, yet elegant no-nonsense dresser but on Tv, the medical examiner regularly attends crime scenes wearing killer heels and the latest in designer duds. Are you freaking kidding me??

It seems to me that these female book characters are being made over to appeal to male viewers, no two ways about it. In other words, if the chick ain’t eye candy, she ain’t worth watching. Of course, I could be way off base here so comments from female viewers as well as any female coroners, female police detectives and women superheroes would be greatly appreciated!

While many of us tend to look at doctors as near-infallible beings, we forget that they’re just like us in many ways. Despite their advanced training, doctors are still humans, and you’ll be surprised at the kinds of mistakes doctors make when borrowing money.

Here are a few mistakes for every medico to watch out for when applying for doctor loans in India:

One of the classic mistakes that doctors make during loan procurement is taking loans without researching the market. You make so many rounds in the hospital, from one patient to another. Would it hurt to do the same for loans?

And even if a doctor spends some time looking for the right doctor loan, they often fail to pick a skilled banker to get the loan from. Picking the right banker to explain the loan terms and policies is like picking the right anaesthetic or surgeon while going in for an operation—you need to ensure there aren’t any slip ups.

Watch What You Spend on

Another common error is taking loans for the wrong investments. For example, taking a loan to pay recurring expenses like the salaries of your employees is a bad idea. Instead, this situation could be fixed by implementing stricter budgeting procedures.

Similarly, if you want to replace a particular piece of equipment, consider taking a smaller loan aimed at fixing your existing infrastructure—a potentially more inexpensive option compared to replacing the entire machine.

Perilous Partnerships

Many doctors invest in the establishment of a medical centre, or a hospital, after taking a doctor loan jointly. But you might have to consider the termination of such partnerships in the future. What will you do then? The entirety of the loan repayment might fall on your shoulders and you might struggle to pay even the interest.

One of the most common mistakes physicians make while taking a loan is forgetting about the doctor loan interest rates which will be levied. In India, the rate of interest payable on a doctor loan starts from 10%, depending on the lender and the amount borrowed.