Weed Or Ketchup On your Fries.

Weed or Ketchup on your Fries?

Heading to the friendly city of Amsterdam, a chain of Dutch stores will give you the choice of having cannabis flavored mayo on your fries.

Have the munchies? Well of course, you’re in Amsterdam and what better way to satisfy your cravings than to visit the chain of Dutch french frie shops that will be adding an option to have cannabis-flavoured mayo on your fries?

If you’re thinking there may be a “Catch 22” to eating pot-mayo, think again as Albert van Beek of Manneken Pis says you’ll be able to completely comver your fries with his new sauce, though you will not get the munchies nor get high as it does not contain THC.

“It’s just about the taste,”he told AFP. “We specialise in sauces and we constantly want to diversify. I had the idea because I smell the cannabis coming from the coffee shop opposite my chip shop in Amsterdam every day.”

Menus at Mannekin Pis, (soon to be renamed Mannekin Highs) will clearly state that the mayonnaise, a much more popular topping on french fries in the Netherlands than ketchup or vinegar, contains no euphoric THC.

If you have plans to visit Amsterdam, stop by Mannekin Pis and let us know how they taste.

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Tony i always thought that ‘Mannekin Pis’ was the end result of a disrobed store dummy forced to stand shivering in the window of a store in the middle of winter unable to get to a ‘mannekin pis stop’ in time? SORRY Tony, i just looked it up in the dictionary, i got confused with Mannequin! If you have any kind of concerns pertaining to where and ways to make use of Uniworld (please click the following post), you can contact us at the page. Please ignore this comment or give it a good dressing down…or simply disrobe it.Don’t want people to think i’m a dummy…

haha though the Mannekin Pis is the little statue of the guy taking a pis

You are not just a pretty farce Tony…was stat ue in the midst of that fountain? I’m laughing here. I just wish i could swim in the fountain of youth but i don’t want to foul the waters. Actually the sign says, ManneKEN so your description is more apt. Jeeze! the world changes as we speak. You throw meat on a Barbie here and Ken from the fountain gets pissed off! Are they or are they not divorced? Should they be allowed to re meet? Or should both be given the chop?

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