You will be Surprised At How

4th of july background with american elementsThe battle starts in your mind, that’s where it is. It is a war between your spirit and your mind. (your mind being your common sense) Once your mind is working in cooperation with your spirit, the struggle ceases.

It’s almost like going down a long tunnel; you don’t see anything on your right or on your left; you only focus on what’s straight ahead. You are determined to get to the end of the tunnel; because at the end of the tunnel, the light appears. The sun looks like the dawning of a new day, with new opportunities. Nothing distracts you. You are staying on course.

The word procrastination is not a part of your vocabulary. Most of the time that is the problem. People don’t act. Whatever needs to be done should be completed and taken care of in a timely manner. As a matter of fact, it should be done before the required time to make sure there are no slip-ups.

Some may say, “I’ll start when the kids grow-up, or when I get a certain amount of money”. Some may say, “I’m too old, or I’ll wait 2,5,10 years”. Well, those years are going to come and go, and then you’ll think about the things that you could have accomplished but didn’t. Why not look back and be able to say you have attained your goal and dream.

Another way is to go at it one day at time. Instead of looking at it as a long haul, look at it as taking little leaps. You will be surprised at how, in time, you will be closer to your goal.

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You must understand that no one else controls Apache2 your destiny. Sometimes people confide in others, asking their opinion on what they should do. The person they are confiding in may have no ambition or goals, and begin to have jealousy toward them. They discourage and cause them to remain immobile. Stay away from those types of people. As soon as discouragement is thrown at you, throw it back. Dont’t allow it it seep into your thinking and bring back the battle in your mind.

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